Life, Love, and Happiness. April Watruba


A New Friend:

            A lonely child, about twelve in age, sits on a bench in the park. Her name is Shay.  She’s alone. She can’t go somewhere no matter how much she wants to. This is the only place she can go. She has no home. No parents. Nobody to take care of her. It’s a sunny day and some parents brought their children here to hang out. Shit sits and watches. She watches a girl, about the same age, play on the swings. Her name is Beautiful. Every once and awhile the girl looks over. She’s the only person that notices Shay. She wonders ‘Whys that girl not playing like the rest of us are?’  She looks around for a moment, then she walks over to the girl. Shay notices Beautiful walking towards her and puts her head down.“Hello. What’s your name?” Beautiful said. Shay looks up. She can’t believe this girl is talking to her. She looked back down. “Well since you won’t tell me your name, I’m Beautiful.” Chay looks at Beautiful. Is this girl for real. She looks around to see if other kids are watching. No one is so she says shyly, “I’m Shay.” They both smile then. This is the start of a life long friendship.

The Eyes:

        Have you ever looked into water that was so clear that you could see straight to the bottom? Well that’s what my eyes are like. I was born two days early from my due date. Everything was fine. Everything but my eyes. When I was born, my eyes hadn’t fully developed yet. The color wasn’t really solid. It looked like a puddle of blue. It wasn’t a solid color of blue, but like the color of a see thru pound. Like a clean cup of water. Of choice I could see like everyone else, but I could also see more than the eye could see. Growing up was hard. I had to always have to go to the doctors so that I could get my eyes check. My earliest memory is when I was five. I was sitting in the waiting room of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen, waiting for my doctor, Doc. James, to call me in for my fifth checkup in a month. We have been waiting for what seems like forever. That’s when I found out that my eyes were different. Latter I realize that my eyes could be used for good and evil. But the question is what will I do?

Why Hide?

   All my life I’ve tried to hide. If I didn’t I wouldn’t still be alive. I’ve tried to fit in. Tried to look and act normal, but I’m not. I’ve always been different. My parents knew it as soon as I was born. They’ve tried to protect me. To hide my power. they told me I was not allowed to show anyone what I could do. They tried to stop it from happening. I never wanted this to happen. Never wanted anyone to find out. But now they have. My parent finally allowed me to go to school, after being home school for ten years. The government said that every child had to go to school, and the parent found hiding their child will be killed. They tried to keep me home but I wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that something happened to them. They were just afraid of everyone finding out my power. Of what I can do. But I went. On the first day they tried to keep me home tried not to get me up. Tried to make me miss the bus. But I’m smarter than that. Finally I promised to call them if anything happened and on break. Finally they let me go. Not knowing that everyone will find out. That I will be chased. That I would lose them. Never to see them again. Not knowing.

It’s been five years since my first day of school. Four since I last saw my parents, and my baby brother.. Four and a half since everyone found out.  My parents were the only ones who I trusted. Who understood. Now I have to live with the fact that they are gone. It was the only way to protect them all. To keep them safe. To keep them alive. Before I left they told me to be safe. To keep my power and who i am a secret. That I shouldn’t trust anyone. To keep to myself, and I’ve followed that rule. I kept to myself. even got a fake identity. Katie Willson. Yeah nice name for someone who’s running. You know, It’s weird. You have a different name. Look different. But you are exactly the same. What would happen when my life is out in the open? My secrets spilled? My family’s life in danger?

Another Life:

             For some  people there happy place is in a field. Or at a lonely cabin in the woods. At the beach with nobody. For others, in a different state or country. Everyone has a place they got to get away. Even if it’s not a real place they still go. They use their imagination. Where do I go, well, let’s just say it’s not where most people would think teens like me would go. I go to a barn. A barn filled with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, goats, you name it. Why? Well, because all my life I felt like that’s the place I belong. A barn. Doing farm work. Riding through the woods. Swimming in the lake. Getting up when the rooster crows. Working hard. I go to this place when I think of my parents. I go when I blame myself for the accident. I go to clear my mind.  When my parents died I my mother’s sister took me in. She told me to call her Aunt Fay. Aunt Fay lived in a little town call Fairchild, Wisconsin.’Or at least that’s what I thought. It was just a dream. Or was it?


               I woke up to the sound of Luke Bryan singing ‘Play It Again.’ All night I tossed and turned. Trying to stay asleep but couldn’t. Today was my first day. First day at school, in a new town, away from everything I knew so well. But most of all, the first day away from my mother.After the divorce, my dad took my older sister,Tris, my younger brother, T.J, and I, to Beaver, WI. He already bought a house, in the countryside, got a job, selling houses, everything .He already registered us into a school, so that we started the next day after we moved. I could tell he took the divorce badly. Knowing my mother was the one who cheated on him, with his best friend, just shut the old dad down. Sure they fought a lot but it would never have led to a divorce if it wasn’t for her. I can’t believe she cheated on him.

              I thought she loved him but I guess I was wrong.Dad was making pancakes when I entered the kitchen. “Good morning sunshine. Ready for school?” Dad said. “Oh, I see you made pancakes. What for? It’s just the first day.” He just laughed and kissed my head as I sat down. “No reason,” he said, “are you ready for your first day?” uhhh, not today.“Dad, you don’t need to worry. I’ll be alright.” I said as Tris walks in. “It’s about time you got up.” Dad said as he put pancakes on my plate. “Where is that brother of yours?” he asks as T.J walks in. “Oh dad,you  don’t need to worry.”After breakfast I leave. “Don’t forget to call me at lunch and tell me about your day.” my dad yells as I get in my car. A sixteenth birthday present that dad gave me. Before all this happened.

               When I arrived at school, I went straight to the office. “Hello. How may I help you, today?” The secretary asked. She’s a pretty women with diamond blue eyes, blond hair, and a high pitched voice. She had a smile that told you she cared, but I knew she didn’t. Everyone is like that. “Ummm,” I said, “I’m new here and I was told to come straight here.” She just smiled and said that I should wait outside for a minute. When she came out she wasn’t alone. “Hello, I’m Mrs. Thomas. The school principal. How may I help you?” She had a look in her eyes like she didn’t care. “I’m new and I don’t know where to go. My dad already came here to sign us in.” I said. “Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh. You must be April Watruba. Right?” she said really not caring.

            “Must be or I wouldn’t be here, now would I?” I said back quite bored with her. “But please.  Everyone calls me Apes’.” She gave me a “OK. We’ll get you to your class and assign you a buddy.” Mrs. Thomas showed me my locker, first so I didn’t have to carry everything. Then she brought me to my first class. It was science. When we arrived she went in and asked to speak to the teacher. “Hello.” the teacher said. He had bright blond hair, with ocean blue eye’s. “My name is Mr. Matthew and I will be your science teacher. What is your name?” he stood there waiting for me to answer. “My name is Katie Wilson. How do you do Mr. Matthew?” I said after what felt like five minutes.After Mrs. Thomas left we entered the classroom. “Class, this is…” Who was I really?


            Everybody has a dream. Some people want to be a veterinarian. Others a cop. Even an astronaut. For me, I always wanted to be a quarterback for a football team. Yes. I’m a girl. You might think it’s weird for a girl to want to play a mans sport. You may have even heard that a girl at a school is part of the football team. But in my town not one girl has even tried. The girls are too busy trying to get a job in the city. Or too busy deciding what to wear or who is the best guy to date. Things like that. I’m not like them though. I have dreamed about becoming a Q.B. all my life. I love football. Love the thought of the game. The feel of the ball. All the yelling and running. Everything. I just love it. This year is my freshman year. I want to talk to the coach right away about joining the football. I want to keep my identity a secret though. If someone found out that a girl wanted to join the football team, everyone in town would freak.

         Yeah news travels fast when you live in the country. One little small thing is big in my town. It would be a nightmare. As I walk into Coach Jakins office, I started to question why I was even here. It would be hard to try to keep my identity. What if he laughs, say girls don’t play football? What if someone walks in and hears that I want to join the team? Too many questions. I live life like there is no tomorrow. Like my life can disappear at any second. I take chances. That’s what I live for. I tell myself everyday that life is an adventure… dare are it. Life is love… enjoy it. Life is a tragedy… face it. Life is a struggle… fight it. Life is a promise… fulfill it. Life is a chance… waste no time and take it.

           Yeah weird right. Well anyways, as I entered the room I saw Coach Jakins sitting in his chair typing on the computer.  He looked up and asked, “May I help you?” I nodded and said, “Coach Jakins. Can I talk to you?” He gestured for me to sit in the chair and I did. “I was just wondering if there ever was a girl who wanted to join the football team, if you would let them?” He thought about it for a little bit, “Well it all depends on why she wants to play and if the principal will let her. Plus what she has to offer for the team. Why do you want to know?”  I thought for a second about what I should say to him. He just sat there waiting. “Well Coach, I know a girl who wants to join the team. She’s been working out over the summer to get in shape. She has a good through, or at least that’s what others say, and wants to try out for quarterback. She knows that she will get tackled and could get hurt easily but she’s not scared of that. She just wants one thing and that is to keep her identity safe. She wants to go by the name J.A. instead.” I looked up at Coach Jakins. “Will you give her a chance or at least let her try out for the team. Please?”He just sat there. No emotion at all. Just when I thought he would say no he said, “Well, she sounds like a good girl. When does she want to start? I really want to meet her. We have things to discuss.” That is the start of a new carrier.

Is This:

            Each second is a burden. Each minute is crucifying. Each hour is  agony. Each day is crippling. Each month is excruciating.  Each year… This life isn’t life at all. It’s just torture in a disguise. The rich take what they want and the poor fears the rich. The poor are found in the neighborhood. The rich are found in the city. Only certain people go inside. They are the strong and the fearless. My family is, well, We are neither rich nor poor. We are in between. We have always been. At least that’s what father says. When my mother and father met they fell in love immediately. They couldn’t wait to be together. When my mother’s parents found out that she had been sneaking with a strange boy they forbid it. But when they found out who my father was they allowed it.

      When they got married my father gave my mother’s parents a brand new house and moved into my mother’s childhood house. They have loved it when they got married, and they have loved it ever since. When I wake up I know right away today is a writing day. I’ve been writing stories since I was five. Yes, I’ve had a big imaginary. My parents told me that when I first started to talk I said thing that would be found in a story. It’s weird. I’ve always loved it. My earliest memory is writing a story of fairies. Yes I did say fairies. I was obsessed. 

          As soon as I got dressed I grabbed my journal. It’s held all my stories since I started to write. Yeah it’s so thick. So when I went down stairs and my parents saw my journal they just smiled and said, “Be back for supper.” and went back to what they were doing. Right away I got on my horse, Blue, and rode to my favorite spot. It’s near the river and it helps me while writing. Makes me feel calm.It feels safe for me almost like heaven for the dead. Yeah. Almost. Every time I’ve come hear I’ve never, not once, seen another person. So when Blue starts to act weird I get a feeling something isn’t right. I’ve been here for  five hours since for in the morning, yet nothing has happened. Blue starts to pull on my arm trying to get me to stand so we can leave. That’s when I heard it. A voice coming from the clearing next to the creek. “ Hello. Didn’t know anyone was here. I thought I was alone.” I stood abruptly. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” He smiled like it was some kind of a joke. “That’s what I want to know about you.” I just laughed. “Well the owners let me work here. Now I have to go. Good-bye.”” And with that I left.

          Halfway home I realize I dropped my journal.All my stories. My life. My whole world. GONE. I will never see the brown worn out cover again. Never to feel the softness of the pages. Never to write another word in ti. I felt a stab of pain inside my chest. Suddenly I couldn’t breath. I felt myself falling. And I kept falling too. I heard voices but they were too far away. In the distance. The loss of my journal was too much. It’s been a five days since I lost my journal, and every day since I have been wondering who the guy from the creek was. Why he was there. He didn’t seem like one of the poor. He came from the city. He must have. I would have noticed him if he was from the neighborhood, and he was wearing cloths only the rich can afford.

                 But who is he really. Why did he try to talk to me. We are nothing alike or from the same place yet I can’t stop thinking of him. All I can remember is his soft voice. His blue plaid shirt. His blue eyes. His blond hair. I can’t help remembering that the sun was shining just right that is made him glow. I wish I could stop thinking about him. I wish I never went there to begin with. Why did I go? Thinking about it just makes it worse. I know I belonged there, but what I didn’t know was why he was there. I’ve never seen him before. He’s a stranger. He’s from the city. People who are not and are found talking to the city people get killed. I remember how they killed my older brother, Adam. He didn’t need to die. He was so young. It was that girl’s flat. If she wouldn’t have asked him to help her down from that horse he would still be here.

              I’ve always hated the city people couldn’t stand the way the brag about money. How they buy things they don’t need when the poor are dying from hunger. They treat us like they treat dogs and horses. Making us their slaves. They don’t deserve to treat us like that. They don’t deserve anything. Today started like the rest. I got up. Fed and watered the animals. Attended the garden. Made breakfast and cared to the baby. Everything was normal. Till we heard a knock on the door. I was in the other room but I heard everything that happened. My mother, a kind faced lady who was one of the poor, answered the door. “Mrs. May?” I heard a voice say. “Yes that me.” My mother answered. Her voice was questioning. “I would like to talk to you about your daughter.” I heard the voice say again. Everyone wanted to talk about my sister Tris, Every guy came to our farm to ask our father for permission for her hand. “You see, my son has begged me to find her.”

             “Really? She isn’t ready for marriage. You must go at once.” My mother said. Then Buddy, my baby brother started to have a fit. “Oh no my mother said. I heard her coming towards the room before I even saw her. “Cristal, What have you done to upset him now?” she says as she reaches the door. “Nothing mother. He’s just tired and with all this racket he can’t sleep. Want me to bring him to the creek?” “Yes but come back when he is asleep OK. Don’t go there just to look for your journal. You already know it’s gone.” She said. That’s when I saw him. He looked inside the room. “Hello.” he says and my mom looks behind her. “What are you doing in here? ” She asked. “Well I thought you might need a little help.” Then he looked straight at me. “Miss what is your name?” he asked.

         “My name is none of your business.” I said. “Well if you’re who I think you are it would. Now it’s not polite to refuse.” He has a look that suggests I tell him so I do. “Yes that’s what i thought. Now we need to talk about a journal. One that you might want back.” Wait what? He knows where my journal is. Who is this man anyways? Who does he think he is? Why is he even here?  “who do you think you are? Coming in here and saying things. Why are you really here? I know it’s not because you wanted to talk to me. Nobody wants to talk to me.”  I am about to cry when I say that last part. I know it’s true but saying it out loud hurts more than not saying it at all. “I am Adam Amster. I’ve come from the city because my son begged me. He wanted me to find Cristal May. A girl who he says is a great and artistic writer.” He says it with annoyance. “Wait he read it? It’s private property. Who does he think he is?” Now I’m pissed. Nobody is supposed to read my journal.

               Now that someone did there is hell to pay. “Yes he did. Now the reason why I really came here is because he suggested to bring you into the city. To live. You would stay at our house. In your own room. Your own bathroom. Your own things. Whatever you want.” At the sound of bathroom I tense. We don’t even have a bath. it’s been a week since I bathed in the creek. But what about my family? “Yes she will go with you under one condition. She is allowed to visit us whenever she wants to, and we get a consent letter about her well being.” my mother says with just a second thought. “And they get ten thousand dollars.” I say. He nods his head in agreement. So it’s final. I’m going to the city. THE CITY. Nobody from the ruins goes to the city. So why did the pick me to go? Is this where my life becomes life? Is this where I fall in love with someone? Is it the boy from the city?