The Puppy….

On an empty street, a little puppy lies. It’s a girl, just four weeks old, with black fur and blue eyes. She was born in the town over, with nine other pups. Her mother died just minutes after giving birth to her litter. After about a day, each puppy went their separate ways, knowing that they had to find a way to survive. One puppy stayed behind. For weeks, she went without food. Without warmth. Without shelter or a soft, cozy bed to sleep in. She has gone days without sleep. She has stayed out in the freezing rain. The burning, hot sun. Finally, she can’t take it anymore. She leaves to search for food. Wherever she goes she gets abused. City people ignore her cries.

It has been two months. She knows only the terrible life of the streets. The pain of thirst. The stab of hunger. She has had to suffer from things that no puppy should suffer. It’s raining. She cries as droplets fall like blades of a knife. The pain is unbearable. She whimpers again. Suddenly, a light comes on in a house not far from where she lies. There is a small shadow in the window that disappears within a second. The puppy hears a door softly shut. Small, squeaky steps coming towards her. She is afraid, but she doesn’t have the strength to move from her spot. Feet stop right in front of her. She starts to whimper softly hoping that the feet will not hurt her. But also to put her out of her misery. The pain she is so used to doesn’t come. Instead, she feels soft hands petting her.

A soft voice says, “What are you doing out in the cold, little puppy?” Looking up she sees a girl about five standing next to her. Staring down at her with big curious eyes.

Then a door opens, “Crisy? What are you doing out here? It’s raining and it’s freezing? Come back inside.” A deep, strong voice calls out. She runs to the door.

“But Daddy. I can’t leave Babi out here by herself. Oh, can we keep her? Please, Daddy?” This voice is coming from the girl.

“Who’s Babi, Crisy?” The deep voice comes again. Then she grabs his hand. She starts pulling toward the puppy. The puppy starts to whimper again afraid of what is to come. The pain from starvation and the rain have finally gotten to her. “She is right here.” She says pointing to a tiny bundle. “Oh Daddy, can we please keep her? PLEASE????” She begs, pulling his arm.
“Oh, the poor thing. Why don’t you bring her in the house, out of the rain. We could get her some food and water. Maybe a warm bed.” He says when he spots the puppy. He notices that her ribs are showing and that she has scratches all over, probably from other dogs picking on her.

“But Daddy, can’t’ we keep her? PLEASE.” She begs.

“I don’t know. Do you promise to take care of her? To take all the blame” He asks softly.

“Yes, Daddy.” She says.

“Then yes. She is all yours. But remember, she is your responsibility.” He says.

“I won’t forget.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Daddy. ” She says. Slowly but carefully she picks the puppy up. “I’m calling you Babi. You are going to live in my room and I’m going to take care of you. I won’t let anyone hurt you. EVER!!” As she starts walking toward the door her father starts to get tears in his eyes. ‘My little girl is growing up!’ He thinks.

This is the beginning of love, hope, and faith.


I Am I…

I am I.
I am shy;
But I say hi.
I will pry;
When I ask why?

I am I.
Would love to fly.
I am sly;
‘Cause I hate to cry.
I spy.

I could deny;
That I will die.
I may lie;
That I get by.
I am I.